What is SearchIndonesia.com?

SearchIndonesia.com is a searchable and navigational database of Indonesian websites. It was developed in 1999 with a vision to be the key channel to the internet community in Indonesia.

SearchIndonesia.comprovides you simple, fast, and targetedinformation in addition to tools you for the day to day organization and planning of your private and business life.

Find whatever you need, whenever you need it. SearchIndonesia.com delivers the most up to date business information right on the tips of your fingers. Regardless of whether you’re looking for a stylish restaurant, or a repairman to fix your car, SearchIndonesia.com will assist you in locating the right businesses to service your needs.

Not exactly certain where you would want to visit? SearchIndonesia.com can narrow down the available options for you! All you have to do is surf through the site’s categories and menus. If you’ve forgotten the name of that neighboring city coffee shop, simply specify an area, and in addition the sort of business that you’re searching for, and we’ll give you information about where to go.

SearchIndonesia.comservices all of Indonesia’s main cities. Our listings for business are updated frequently, so make sure you come back for more!

Accessible From Anywhere

Be it on a cellphone, smartphone, PC or laptop – our services are accessible on all devices. For the key devicessuch as the Android, iPhone and so on, we also offer separate applications.

We Deliver Information

Services that are valuable along with users that are trusting result in eye-catching advertisement with great reach. We offer products for commercial and media clients in all sectors and different sizes of budgets.

News and Feedback

Improvement and new services on this site are published on blog.SearchIndonesia.com with an open field for the public to comment. Your criticism, commendation or recommendations for improvementassist us in a big way to provide more services and improvedperformance at SearchIndonesia.com.


Cutting across the full spectrum of industry sectors, SearchIndonesia.com provides updated analysis offering our readers and investors alike a long-term outlook and perspective so as to recognize and effectively engage with the inherent prospects in any given market.

If you would love to contribute to SearchIndonesia.com in any way, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us.